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A Tumley Aarden won 1st Open Scottish National Flying Club Ancenis 533 miles in 2014

A Tumley Leen Boers won
1st National Ace Pigeon Overall Distance Malta and 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Malta 2013 Also winner of
1st National Metapunto 336 miles 4,295 birds

Another Tumley Leen Boers won 1st Open Midlands National Flying Club Fougeres 6,825 birds 292 miles also winning the Midlands Region RPRA Award

Tumley Lofts Stud
Middle Distance Stock

Janssens are a diverse pigeon which are mainly bred for middle distance racing but with a strain that has been established so long these pigeons will win from 60 miles through to 600 miles if you get the right lines.

We have a superb collection of Janssens which have bred amongst others 1st NIPA 27,000+ birds, 4th & 25th Scottish National, 1st UK 3rd overall in the 13th Sun City Million Dollar Hot Spot race and are partly responsible for 2nd Open National Flying Club Tarbes 2008!

We have approximately 40 pairs of Janssens at stock. Once again this is a well established family with many lines being housed at Tumley Lofts Stud, Arendonk, Camphuis, Van Loon and Van Den Bosh. Some of our Janssen lines have been with us since the early 1970's. Winners at all levels of competition, the very best of these here close to the world wide champions, many thousands of pounds spent on obtaining these pigeons.

Silver Shadow Cock
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"Silver Shadow Cock"

Van Loon

Sire of the "Van Berlel Cock" winner of 14th Open National Flying Club Cholet, 17th Open NFC Cholet, 49th Open NFC Poitiers, 59th Open NFC Saintes, etc. winning over £5,000. G.Sire of "Volunteer" 1st & 5th West of England South Road Combine up to 5,000 birds and RPRA award winner. G.G.Sire of 1st Club 1st Fed Saintes, 1st Fed Exeter and many more. Inbred to the "Silver Shadow" lines. Related to Mini Me also housed here being a 1st Open National winners herself.

The Iddie Hen
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"The Iddie Hen"

Iddie Davies, Van Loon

Silver Shadow lines. Only raced as a young bird winning 1st Club 8th Fed Newbury, 11th Fed 58th Open National Folkstone (2), 22nd Fed 20th Open National Folkstone (1), 49th Open National Maidstone. Dam of 2nd Fed (beaten by loft mate), 7th Fed (beten by 6 loft mates), 8th Fed (beaten by 7 loft mates), 5th Fed, 31st Fed, 15th Fed 13th Open National Maidstone, 14th Fed 68th Open National Maidstone, 128th Open National Ramsgate, etc.
This hen will be paired to Gelligaer King in 2016 so young birds can be pre-ordered now

Lourens Legacy
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"Lourens Legacy"

Tumley Janssen

He is the foundation of Lourens Londts lofts. Here is what Lourens had to say about him "This Cock is the foundation to all my results. His children have won Gold Rings, Breeder/Buyers, Club money. In 2012 I was Club Champion with his children and grandchildren. He has bred so many winners at Club, Fed and NFC level. The list goes on and on." Here is a link to an article on Lourens lofts. In 2014 "Lourens Legacy" was responsible for 1st Section I 200th Open NFC Fougeres 262 miles (young bird national). "Lourens Legacy" was bred by us and now back at stock with us. G.Son of the "Wonder Hen" below

Lincoln Hen
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"Lincoln Hen"


Winner of 1st Club 1st Fed in the Lincoln area 2010 as a young bird. Bred by Tumley Lofts Stud. Raced by Mrs Denman, now back at stock with us. From the best of Janssen lines. Her father is a half brother to "Lourens Legacy" above

Treherbert Miracle
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"Treherbert Miracle"


Direct daughter of Champion "Treherbert" winner of 1st Open National! And granddaughter of 2 x 1st Open National winners!!

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Van Loon. Ref Only

Winner of 1st National FC Bordeaux 487 miles 2,810 birds as a yearling and breeder of winners 2009. He also finished just outside the first 100 in the MNFC Bergerac race and he also flew Tarbes 2009 homing the morning after the winning day when many fanciers were wiped out and the result was hard to fill. 24th Section 592nd Open Fougeres. "I have never had a channel pigeon as good as Joe, when he won the National, the BICC or BBC I cannot remember, were at the same race point Bordeaux they let go 10 minutes after "Joe" was liberated with the NFC the wind could not have changed that much in 10 minutes I would have thought, the winner was over 20 yards a minute behind Joe. When Joe won the National he was the only bird doing over 1300ypm and the next pigeon to him was flying 50 miles short. I believe he flew best part of the 500 miles on his own or was the one who knew where he was going. I think he is as good as they get absolutely solid will get home from anywhere and is turning them out for different fanciers as well as myself" quoted by Les Jones.
G.Sire of 2nd Section 2nd Open BBC National Fougeres, 2nd Section 47th Open NFC Caranten 180 miles &
1st Section 59th Open BBC Le Mans 364 miles
, plus many more

Mini Me
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"Mini Me"

Van Loon Janssen

Winner of 1st Open Midlands National Flying Club Treble Chance Lessay 224 miles winning well over 5,000GBP and also winning 4th Section 99th Open Falaise 253 miles 4,282 birds two weeks prior to the Lessay race. She is already breeding good pigeons in the stock loft before we purchased her. She is a grand dam of winners.
Reports of winners the first year we had her 2012!

Kiln Red Bull
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"Kiln Red Bull"

Tumley Distance

Winner of 1st Open BICC National Gellainville, 1st London and South Coast Combine Le Ferte Bernard 233 miles, 6th South East England Combine Le Ferte Bernard. Sire or numerous winners

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Mike Ganus x Gaby Vandenabeele

He was raced in the 2005 Europa one loft race taking 73rd, 77th, 18th, 4th, 86th and 430th racing up to 300 miles winning the individual bird averages. He is half brother to 1st West Cheshire Fed 2,500 birds and 1st One Loft Race winning 5,000GBP.
G.Sire of 2nd Club, 9th Fed, 22nd Combine 23,692 birds winning RPRA Young fanciers short distance bronze medal! 11th Sec 154th Open Scottish National Flying Club Clermont 533 miles, 1st Club 5th Fed 3,000+ birds and 1st & 3rd Club 2013. 3rd Wanstead 186 birds despite breaking his leg badly in training. 1st Club 17th Fed 3,000+ birds & 2 x 1st, 2 x 3rd & 4th Club as young birds 2013! 2nd & 5th also won pool money twice 2012!

T3 Phoenix
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"T3 Phoenix"

Tumley distance Janssen

Winner of 1st National (SBN) 2nd Section 7th Open Berberac 2,678 birds only 27 home on the day, 14 hours 1min on the wing. He is an RPRA award winner. 1st Club 1st Fed 17th Combine Saintes 2,524 birds only 53 birds home on the day, 13 hours 52 mins on the wing. 19th Section 90th Open 4,036 birds Tours Midlands NFC, 21st Section 466th Open Pau/Saintes Midlands NFC. He is now producing quality young birds. One son won 100th in the final race in the Europa One Loft Classic race 2009. "T3 Phoenix" is also the grandsire of 1st Section 4th Open South Down Combine Navan 2010!

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Campious Janssen. Ref Only

Winner of 2 x 1sts Feds, 1st Open WECA 1,800 birds. Winner of many other prizes. G.Dam and G. G. Dam of 1st UK 3rd Overall in the 3rd Million Dollar Hot Spot race missing 1st by 1.8sec. One of our all time great racer breeders, responsible for countless winners generation after generation!

Treble Six
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"Treble Six"

Janssen Van Den Bosch. Ref only

Winner of 2nd Basingstoke, 5th Huddersfield Club. Winner of 1000GBP as a young bird. Daughter of "Andrew" winner of 2nd Fed and 3rd Fed, and "Linda" dam of many winners.

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De Klack Janssen. Ref Only

A son of this cock bred 3 cocks for the same fancier, all 3 cocks were raced in 3 separate clubs on the same day and they all won 1st!!! That's not just luck! In 2010 one of his grandsons won 1st Section in the NIPA!!! "The Ace" is 5th National Ace pigeon Short Distance of all Holland 2001. He won 1st Duffel 456 birds, 1st Strombeek 419 birds and 2nd 5,271 birds, 1st Houndeng 299 birds, 1st Houndeng 245 birds, 1st Morlincourt 178 birds, 2nd Meer 476 birds and 13th 3,738 birds, 2nd Strombeek 438 birds and 6th 3,680 birds, 2nd Chimay 291 birds and 7th 3,957 birds, 2nd Perrone 238 birds, 2nd Chantilly 169 birds and 13th 1,072 birds. An outstanding breeder countless winners from this cock.

Blue Miracle Wonder
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"Blue Miracle Wonder"

Janssen Vandenabeele. Ref only

She is a half sister to "Blue Miracle" winner of 13 x 1st Clubs, 6 x 1st Feds, 2 x 1st Combines up to 7,745 birds. Also winner of 1st Ace Pigeon Short Distance, 1st Ace Pigeon All Distance, 1st Ace Pigeon Short Distance Combine, 1st Ace Pigeon All Distance Combine. Champion of 1991 and 1992. 1st Ace Pigeon Short Distance winner of 43 different prizes. "Blue Miracle Wonder" is also half sister to "Crack Miracle" winning 13 x 1sts.

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De Klack Janssen. Ref only

G. Sire of 1st UK 3rd Overall in the 3rd Million Dollar Hot Spot race missing 1st by 1.8sec, amongst many other top racers and breeders! Winner of 3rd Houndeng 422 birds, 4th Chimay 291 birds and 13th 13,957 birds, 6th Duffel 378 birds, 6th Houndeng 299 birds, 7th Perrone 245 birds, 8th Duffel 265 birds, 8th Strombeek 419 birds. He is a brother to 2nd and 6th UNC Maidstone 2003 19,000 birds and 5th National Ace Pigeon Short Distance 2001. "Domino" is a son of "The Ace" NL90-2308289 winner of 2nd Best Pigeon Vitesseduif Afdeling Haarlem 1992 and 3rd Best Pigeon Vitesseduif Afdeling Haarlem 1991, 1st Strombeek 6,412 birds, 2nd Duffel 6,200 birds, 7th St. Ghislan 6,228 birds, 8th Soignies 5,337 birds, 9th Arres 5,413 birds and 9th Roye 3,100 birds.

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Van Loon Janssen. Ref only

Bred and raced by us. He is a winner of 6 x 1sts, 6 x 2nds. Beaten by loft mates on occasions. He has flown the channel 7 times, up to 380 miles. G.G.Sire of 1st UK 3rd Overall in the 3rd Million Dollar Hot Spot race missing 1st by 1.8sec.

Wonder Hen
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"Wonder Hen"

Campious Janssen. Ref only

Dam of "My Golden Wonder" RPRA sprint champion. He won 23 x 1sts. Also Federation pigeon of the year 1999, 5 x 1sts Feds and 8 x 1sts Sections. "Wonder Hen" is a dam of many other top breeders and winners. G.Dam of "Lourens Legacy" above

Grantham Cock
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"Grantham Cock"

Janssen Van Den Bosch. Ref only

Winner of 2 x 1sts Clubs, 2 x 2nd Clubs, 1st Federation 1,026 birds. Champion breeder. His sire is "King William" winner of 13 x 1sts. RPRA regional sprint winner.

10 Hen
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"10 Hen"

Janssen Van Den Bosch. Ref only

An outstanding hen so many winners generation after generation. Winner of 3 x 1sts, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 15th Federation up to 3,938 birds. Great breeder. Dam and G. Dam of 1st Federation winners. Also dam of 4th and 25th Scottish National!

Super 32
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"Super 32"

Janssen of Arendonk. Ref only

She has won 3rd Combine 3,000 birds Rennes, 2nd Section E 1,844 birds Saintes, 36th Open 8,475 birds Saintes NFC, 20th Section E 1,844 birds Nantes NFC, 36th Open 8,475 birds Nantes NFC, she has also won numerous Club and Federation positions up to 2,218 birds. She is also a dam of winners. As you can see she is a SUPER hen.

All birds are supplied with transfers and full pedigrees, showing three generations of quality pigeons.

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