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Channel Queen
Channel Queen Awards
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“Channel Queen”

Dai Evans

1st Open National Bordeaux 483 miles, 3rd Sec 6th Open Nat Saintes 426 miles, flying 900+ miles in 9 days!!! 5th Sec 9th Open National Lillers 260 miles, 7th Sec 19th Open Nat Le Mans 295 miles, 14th Sec 28th Open Nat Cholet 334 miles, 11th Sec 34th Open Nat Lessay 185 miles (only 40 birds on the day), 25th Sec 60th Open Nat Carentan 184 miles, 28th Sec 76th Open Nat Messac 273 miles, 28th Sec 92nd Open Nat Pont-A-Mousson 453 miles, 16th Sec 125th Open Nat Lillers. Winner of 3 x RPRA Awards in one season never done before in Wales!!! 10 National positions across the water! OUTSTANDING!

G.Dam of 1st Open National winner!

T3 Phoenix
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“T3 Phoenix”


Winner of 1st National (SBN) 2nd Section 7th Open Bergerac 2,678 birds only 27 home on the day, 14 hours 1min on the wing. He is a double RPRA award winner. 1st Club 1st Fed 17th Combine Saintes 2,524 birds only 53 birds home on the day, 13 hours 52 mins on the wing. 19th Section 90th Open 4,036 birds Tours Midlands NFC, 21st Section 466th Open Pau/Saintes Midlands NFC. He is now producing quality young birds. One son won 100th in the final race in the Europa One Loft Classic race 2009. “T3 Phoenix” is also the grandsire of 1st Section 4th Open South Down Combine Navan 2010!

Mini Me
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“Mini Me”

Van Loon

Winner of 1st Open Midlands National Flying Club Treble Chance Lessay 224 miles winning well over 5,000GBP and also winning 4th Section 99th Open Midlands National Flying Club Falaise 253 miles 4,282 birds two weeks prior to the Lessay race. She is already breeding good pigeons in the stock loft before we purchased her. She is a grand dam of winners.
Reports of winners the first year we had her 2012!
She is from the Silver Shadow lines and related to the Silver Shadow Cock

Kiln Red Bull
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“Red Bull”


Winner of 1st Open BICC National Gellainville, 1st London and South Coast Combine Le Ferte Bernard 233 miles, 6th South East England Combine Le Ferte Bernard. Sire or numerous winners.

Grandsire of 3rd Section BICC National Alencon 227 miles 5,654 birds 2017

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Dai Evans

Winner of 1st Open National Littlehampton 132 miles, 35th Section 118th Open National Maidstone 167 miles, both as a young bird. Flown Tours 346 miles.

Sire of 1st Section 2nd Open National Maidstone 167 miles, 2nd Combine Maidstone 9,000+ birds

Champion Seren Eleven
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“Champion Seren Eleven”

Van Geel Aarden/Dennis Ford

Winner of 1st Open National Bergerac 506 miles (he won this as a 2 year old), 2nd Sec 2nd Open Nat Bergerac (he won this as a yearling),1st Sec 3rd Open Nat Saintes 431 miles, 6th Open Nat Messac 279 miles, 8th Sec 24th Open Nat Tours 347 miles, 18th Sec 33rd Open Nat Messac, 35th Open Nat Fougeres 251 miles, 8th Sec 66th Open BICC Poitiers 391 miles, 2nd Sec 17th Open CSCFC Bergerac, 6th Sec 44th Open CSCFC Bergerac. Winner of the Gold Cup in 2009. Scoring in 1908 miles of racing in 2009! Sire of of 8th Sec 8th Open BICC Falaise 237 miles, 88th Section 94th Open Alencon 271 miles and G.Sire of winners including 2nd Section BICC National Fougeres winner and 1st Section 14th Open NRCC Thurso 477 miles 1hr10min in front of next bird in section! 2017! What more could you want?

Welsh Grizzle
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“Welsh Grizzle”

Dennis Ford

Winner of 6th Federation Littlehampton 129 miles, 6th Club Salisbury 74 miles, 1st GGDC Falaise 236 miles, 3rd West Section National, 1st GGDC Tours 347 miles 1st West Section National. Dam of 1st Open National Messac 279 miles. “Welsh Grizzle” is a full sister to a winner of 13 x 1st and 4 x 2nd Club also sister to 3rd Open National Pau 600 miles, 3rd Open National Tarbes 605 miles, 1st Club 6th Open National Toures 347 miles, 1st Club 7th Open National Lessay 189 miles, 1st Club 3rd Open National Carentan 189 miles 1,994 birds!

G.Dam of 2nd Section BICC National Fougeres winner 2017

Sire Little
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“Sire Little”

Dai Evans

He is the sire of Little 1st Open National winner and is a typical Dai Evans bird. His sire is something completely different from all the other birds but his mother is closely bred to many of the other Dai Evans birds you see here.

G.Sire of 1st Section 2nd Open National Maidstone 167 miles, 2nd Combine Maidstone 9,000+ birds