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  • 17P837
    17P837 Cock. Leen Boers
    22nd November 2017
  • Solwayview Boy and Serenity
    Pre order for 2018. National winning Aarden
    18th November 2017
  • 17P803
    17P803 Cock. Dai Evans
    12th November 2017
    £150 £120
  • 17P675
    17P675 Hen. Van Geel Aarden
    27th October 2017
  • 17P698
    17P698 Cock. Leen Boers
    27th October 2017
  • 17P687
    17P687 Hen. Van Geel Aarden
    27th October 2017

We have about 30 birds for sale that aren’t on the website, all through the moult and of the same quality that you see here. Please give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for

Click here for Old Comrades Show – Doncaster Sale List

20% off Aarden and Dai Evans cocks.

We breed more cocks than hens and most people want more hens than cocks, with these two families the cocks way outnumber the hens, so we are offering you this deal to hopefully help everybody out