Winner of 1st Open National Littlehampton 132 miles, 35th Section 118th Open National Maidstone 167 miles,both as a young bird. Flown Tours 346 miles.

Sire of 1st Section 2nd Open National Maidstone 167 miles, 2nd Combine Maidstone 9,000+ birds, beaten by 8 seconds when Little was paired to the Lessay Hen.

Grandsire of 1st Club 1st Fed Upper Heyford 1 84 miles and 3rd Club 5th Fed Upper Heyford 2, 1st Club 1st Fed Purbeck 51 miles and many more. A top stock cock

G.Son of the G.Sire of the Lillers Hen and G.Dam of the Lessay Hen

Dave Dai Evans

This repot was written by John David about the Littlehampton National in 2010.
“However the big performance of the race was put up by the consistent loft of David Evans of Gelligaer who had a race he will never forget by clocking eleven magnificent pigeons in eleven minutes, the first being the overall National winner (Little).

David is a true gentleman of the sport who lives and breathes pigeons. For sheer consistency over a forty year period he has few if any equals. He is also a man who always gives his very best to charities and his generosity is such that he will more than often give a pair when one would suffice.

David is without doubt one of the best young bird fliers in Wales and after being weaned the young birds are let out after the Widowhood cocks have taken their exercise from 7 until 8am and are not called in until 3.30pm.

In this way they soon become street wise and get very fit but are still given at least a dozen tosses in the few weeks prior to the first race and using this system David finds very few are lost. The young birds are given Junior O from Versela Laga which contains no maize but maize is added after the 100 mile stage.

They get as much as they want to eat but any surplus is removed at evening time. After racing starts David will train once or twice a week from Chepstow if he feels they need it. However once the old birds finish racing the YB`s are given their liberty from 6am until 3.30pm so need very little training. The first to be clocked from Littlehampton was a Pied cock of his old family at 2.48pm recording a velocity of 1169 ypm flying 131 miles with his second only 30 seconds later with another 3 clocked by 2.50 and ten by 2.59pm. David`s team were flown in the Maidstone National on the previous Monday when they were well placed in the top ten, so in effect flew 300 miles in five days in two separate races.

I was invited by the Editor of a well known year book to write about a fancier of my choice a few months ago. I chose David without hesitation for his sheer consistency in the sport and for the fact that he truly loves his pigeons and can get the very best out of them and I think my choice has now been well and truly justified!”

Dai Evans and granddaughter with Channel Queen

Dai and his granddaughter with Channel Queen after her 1st National Bordeaux win in 2012

Unfortunately Dave Evans had to give up his pigeons in September 2014 due to health reasons but in his last season of racing in 2012 he won in the Welsh South East National the Three Longest Old Bird Race Averages, All Old Bird Race Averages, Longest Old Bird & Young Bird Race Averages, All National Race Averages and he was runner up for the Gold Cup!!!

The birds we purchased from Dai Evans are 3 x 1st Open National Winners, 2 x 2nd Open National Winners and 5 x 3rd Open National winners, recording 7 x 1st Sections, 3 x 2nd Sections, 3 x 3rd Sections, 2 x 4th Sections and 5th Section. In all, the 13 birds that were raced out of 16 purchased scored well over 55 Open National positions!!! This family have won from 100 miles through to 603 miles a true All Round family, they win in all conditions and speeds, winning against over 14,000 pigeons and velocities in excess of 1800 ypm. They are responsible for hundreds of top National performances.





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