Duke is a direct son of “Snow Duke” 3rd Section 14th Open National Flying Club Tarbes 548 miles 2013, 28th Sec 266th NFC Tarbes 2012, 3rd Club 11th Fed Fougeres. Nest brother to “Snow Prince” 1st Sec 4th National Flying Club Tarbes 548 miles, 8th Section 125th Open National FC Tarbes 3290 birds. Sire “Queen Mary” 1st Open National FC Tarbes 548 miles 2019, 2nd Section 26th NFC Tarbes 2018 beaten by loft mate. 9th Sec 82nd NFC Messac, 139th Open Nat BICC Falaise, 30th Sec NFC Fougeres, etc. Sold for £13200 in 2019. Brother to “Dark Prince” 5th Section 11th Open National BICC 243rd INTERNATIONAL Pau 542 miles 8576 birds.

He is a grandson of Pau Princess 2nd INTERNATIONAL Pau 542 miles