"Dam Elizabeth"

A super breeding hen being a dam of many winners with different cocks, she's the mother of Donald 2nd Schools 30th RPRA One Loft Race 70 miles and 1st Schools 53rd Open RPRA OLR 88 miles. She's also the mother of 2nd Breeder/Buyer winning £300 each. Elizabeth won 1st Club 1st Fed 1st Breeder/Buyer Littlehampton 130 miles winning by 44ypm, 2nd Club 2nd Fed Purbeck 60 miles with the same velocity as her loft mate who won, 6th Club 10th Fed Purbeck, RPRA Award winner for young bird 0 – 250 miles all in 2015. 1st Club 2nd Sec 2nd Fed Bedhampton 110 miles, 6th Club 8th Sec 50th Open Fed Purbeck 60 miles from 4 races 2016.

Dam Elizabeth is a daughter of two super racers and breeders Trafalgar and Sophie


Janssens are a diverse pigeon which are mainly bred for middle distance racing but with a strain that has been established so long these pigeons will win from 60 miles through to 600 miles if you get the right lines.

We have a superb collection of Janssens which have bred amongst others 1st NIPA 27,000+ birds, 4th & 25th Scottish National, 1st UK 3rd overall in the 13th Sun City Million Dollar Hot Spot race,  2nd Open National Flying Club Tarbes 2008! They have produced our most recent 1st Open National winner “Alexander the Great” 1st Open National Flying Club Ancennis

We have approximately 40 pairs of Janssens at stock. Once again this is a well established family with many lines being housed at Tumley Lofts Stud, Arendonk, Camphuis and Van Loon. Some of our Janssen lines have been with us since the early 1970’s. Winners at all levels of competition, the very best of these here close to the world wide champions, many thousands of pounds spent on obtaining these pigeons.