"Pau Princess"

A truely outstanding hen 2nd INTERNATIONAL winner and breeder of 1st National winner and more.

Winner of; 1st Section 2nd Open BICC National 2nd Hens International 2nd INTERNATIONAL Pau 542 miles 8,576 birds, 37th Section 153rd Open BICC National Agen 485 miles, 15th Section 32nd Open L&SECC Bergerac, 28th Section 287th Open National FC Tarbes 548 miles, 5th Section National FC Carentan, 25th Section 363rd Open National FC Cholet 283 miles, 4th Section 80th Open BBC National Messac 238 miles.

Dam of "Queen Mary" 1st Open National Flying Club Tarbes 548 miles 2019, 2nd Section 26th Open National FC Tarbes 2018 beaten by a loft mate, 9th Section 82nd Open National FC Messac 238 miles, 139th Open National BICC Falaise 157 miles, 30th Section National FC Fougeres 197 miles, etc! Sold for £13200 in 2019.

G.Dam of “Royal Blue” winner of; 4th Sec 11th Open National FC Tarbes 548 miles, 6th Sec 42nd Open National Tarbes, 4th Sec 12th Open Nat Bordeaux, etc. Sold for £4000 in 2019

G.Dam of Earl Grey winner of 22nd Section 156th Open National FC Tarbes 548 miles 2019, returned hawk damaged, wing and back, was going for the Merit award. 7th Section 75th Open National FC Tarbes 2018, 18th Section 95th Open National FC Tarbes 2017, 153rd Section 518th Open BICC National Alencon 190 miles, 193rd Section 438th Open BICC National Poitiers 330 miles.

Also G.Dam of many other winners including 7th Section 27th Open National FC Tarbes 548 miles 2017, 12th Section 58th Open National FC Tarbes 2018, 7th Section NFC Messac 238 miles, 29th Section 830th Open National FC Cholet 283 miles, 9th Coutances, 3rd Section 379th Open National FC Messac 238 miles, 12th Section 369th Open National FC Cholet 283 miles.

Recently introduced to the stud, September 2019

She will be paired to Earl Grey

Darran McFadden timed a good pigeon from Tarbes Grand National and for a while he was top of the leader board. Calls began coming in from friends to congratulate him, but he remained pragmatic as he knew there were other great pigeons racing further north into the UK, but he did not need to worry, as he won 1st National Flying Club from Tarbes.

His winning hen “Queen Mary” is from a long line of distance birds he has developed over the years which originated from two main sources, Kirkpatrick and Eric Cannon. Eric had left behind a legacy of long distance pigeons when he passed away and Darran was lucky enough to be given a young bird by Les Swan which did very well, so when Les went to live in Spain, he gave him the parents. Malcolm Parker also bred him “Megans Lad” and Ray Hammond won the L&SECC with “Simply the Best” out of which he gave Darran a young bird with the promise that it would also win the classic from Tarbes and two years later she did, so he called her “Razor’s Girl” and put her to stock. He went to Louella in 2001 and purchased three Kirkpartick grizzle hens down from “Stan the Man”. One of them bred a very good white hen “Camron Snow Queen” which flew Pau, Tarbes and won a Merit Award in the Classic. She was paired to an Eric Cannon cock that also raced well from the distance and after their final Tarbes race, they were put to stock and bred “Snow Prince” “Dark Prince” 14th Open Tarbes, 11th International Pau and many other proven pigeons have come through this pair.

“Queen Mary” was paired early season with a selected partner and her eggs were given to feeders before being returned to the race loft and the love of her life, a seventeen year old cock that has bred “all the Dukes” as Darran calls them. He is a quiet, unassuming cock which does not chase her around the loft and “she’s all over him” he said so she was sent to the race sitting 14 day old eggs. Her feeding for the race began months ago said Darran, with Van Robaeys number 39 being used as a base mixture with fats added in the form of Peanuts and Sunflower Hearts. He uses all Dr Brockamp products and says that they are used the whole year round to keep his birds in the best of condition. “you can not expect to win the Premier race in the country if you neglect the birds during the off season” he said, “and the most important time for the preparation is the molt”

Queen Mary