"Sire The Present"

He is the sire of The Present and she is a winner of 2 x 1st and 2nd Open Nationals and is a dam of a 1st Open National winner!

The Present won 1st Open Welsh South Road National Carentan 184 miles 1660 ypm, 2015, 1st Open Welsh South Road National Nort-Sur-Edre 303 miles 1349 ypm 2014, 2nd Open Welsh South Road National Fougeres 248 miles 1377 ypm beaten by her son! 2015 14th Open National Falaise WW1 Remembrance Open Race 2014. One of the best hens in Wales.

Sire The Present has also bred 8 other 1st prize winners

This is a list of top National winners or breeders of National winners that we hold at stock. A few of them are no longer with us but they have had a big influence on our stock loft so we hold many children of them therefore their decendents are available for purchase