"Tom Solo"

Sire of 2nd Gwent Greater Distance Club 4th Section 9th Open National BICC St Vincent 555 miles, 28th Section 46th Open National BICC Poitiers 389 miles, 4th GGDC 9th Section 75th Open National BICC Agen 539 miles, 3rd GGDC 12th Section 86th Open National BICC Agen, 4th GGDC 13th Section 90th Open National BICC Agen, 5th GGDC 15th Section 88th Open National BICC Agen, 3rd GGDC 35th Section 367th Open National BICC Poitiers, 10th GGDC 36th Section 507th Open National BICC Le Mans 286 miles, 13th GGDC 57th Section 714th Open National BICC Poitiers, 5th Club 11th WSR Fed Messac.

G.Sire of 1st GGDC 1st Section 29th Open National BICC Perpignan 683 miles, 3rd GGDC 13th Section 24th Open National BICC Poitiers 389 miles, 17th Section 78th Open National BICC Agen, 7th GGDC 55th Section 65th Open National BICC Cholet 329 miles, 61st Section 86th Open National BICC Cholet, 1st GGDC 11th Section 685th Open National BICC Le Mans 287 miles, and many more.

Direct son of Tom Thumb 1st GGDC 1st West Sec 25th Open BICC Barcelona 743 miles, 19th GGDC 4th West Sec 321st Open BICC Saran 330 miles 3,412 birds.

Also a half brother to Champion Seren Eleven 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, etc. Open National and Kings Cup winners

Grandsire of Le Mans

Bred by Strawbridge & Williams


Van Geel and Wim Muller Aardens are bred specifically for the distance and extreme distance with our Aardens winning at 600+ miles but these birds will win at the sprint if the conditions favour them.

We’ve had the Aardens since the late 1980’s and from the time we introduced them into the loft they have won at the distance but don’t write them off over short distance if it’s a tough one. I’ve just bought back one of our own birds Solwayview Boy and was 1st Open National from 534 miles miles flying into Scotland, as a two year old.  They have won at every level of competition including 1st Open National! Not much more you can ask of a strain! We only keep around 30 pairs, so for these achievements to have come from such a small group of pigeons is outstanding.

If you need to fly the distance, then these are the birds with the endurance to do that. We have the Champions at stock to name a few Champion Seren Eleven, Solwayview Boy, etc. we also have sons, daughters, brothers, sisters to the Champions. These are kept as closely inbred to the top Federation, Combine and National winners and only birds on the day.



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