Leen Boers

Leen Boers

A unique collection, we’re the only stud in the WORLD that has a collection of pure Leen Boers of this quality

Leen Boers are bred especially for sprint up to 250/300 miles but with a few exceptions winning through to 600 miles.

We house the best stud of the original Leen Boers, (1981/82) in the world!

We first introduced this family in 1982, the year after the original 12 pairs were introduced into the UK (we ended up, over the years, owning 8 pairs out of the 12), we haven’t found anything to beat them but it’s not past reputation we are living on. For example in 2013 they won 1st Open MNFC and an RPRA award and at the same time they won 1st Open National in Malta and double 1st National Ace Pigeon. Very few strains old or new achieve these results especially in the same year. We have reports of winners from 38 miles through to (this year, 2017) 455 miles, a nest pair won 1st Fed by over 120ypm from 41 miles and its nest brother this year (2017) won 1st Club 2nd Combine 455 miles, 400+ mile wins are rare. The 2 x 1st National wins were at 292 miles and 336 miles. We recommend up to 300 miles with one line (Craftsman) through to 360 miles. A grandson of Craftsman (Dot Head) that we raced won 14 individual 1sts up to 184 miles in 4 years, we moved before he could do his 5th year of racing.

The Leen Boers cross well with a number of families especially as we have kept them pure, unlike a lot of other people who say they have Leen Boers but they aren’t pure or original. The MNFC win was 100% pure Tumley Leen Boers the Malta one was 75% with 25% De Klak. The original Planet Brothers Van Loons had Leen Boers crossed into them.

The Leen Boers have been producing winners from the day we first introduced them to date, with many other top wins including 1st National, to those mentions above. These bloodlines are becoming very scarce but they still must perform to earn a perch in our stock loft. They do for us and many others with pigeons winning races being clocked at over 75mph. We have approximately 54 pairs of Leen Boers at stock.

Click here to see a family tree that Leen produced himself back in the 1990’s. Click here to see our family tree that I made December 2012! Quite interesting to compare both!

Lyla Woo
Winner of 1st Club 1st Fed Stafford 130 miles, 1st Club Coventry 164 miles, 1st Club Read more
Money Penny Leen Boers hen
Dam of 1st Club 4th Federation Kingsdown 126 miles 1,545 birds, 1st Club Exeter 143 Read more
Winner of 1st Federation. Sire of 1st Club 1st Fed 5th Combine Eastbourne 156 miles, Read more
Lee Leen Boers
Winner of 1st Club 2nd Federation, 2nd Club Sudbury 158 miles and 2nd Club Wetherby Read more
Grandsire Baby Bond. Leen Boers cock
What a super pigeon in how he is bred and what he has produced himself. Read more
Quantum - Leen Boers
Winner of 1st Club 1st Federation and 1st Club Market Rasen 103 miles, 1st Club 3rd Read more
Davies Boy
Winner of 2nd East Section 8th Open Young Bird National Folkestone 185 miles 2010, his Read more
Baby Bond
Bred and raced by Owen Davies. Winner of 9th Section 14th Open National Maidstone 186 Read more
Miss Bond
Bred by Tumley Lofts Stud, raced by Owen Davies. Winner of 11th Section 19th Open Read more
Young Morstyle
Bred by Tumley Lofts Stud in 2011 Sire, G.Sire & G.G.Sire of winners! Sire of Read more
Sky Fall
Bred by Tumley Lofts Stud. Sire of 5th Club 415 birds 7th Sec F 50 Read more
Joy, Leen Boers hen
Dam, G.Dam and G.G.Dam of many winners. G.Dam of "Angies Boy" 1st Open Midlands National Read more
Ultimate Hen Ruby-Leigh's Girl
She's one half of the "Ultimate Pair" the cock is Fez's Boy, this pair have Read more
Reference only: Bred and raced by us. He won 6 x 1sts, 6 x 2nds. Read more
Fieldhead Handyman
Reference only: He was a top racer winner of 1st Club 4th Fed 28th Great Read more
Tumley Boy
Son of Napoleon and Sirenas Double direct Leen Boers from 1981 and 1982. Sire of Read more
Reference only: Winner of many firsts including 1st Combine Nantes and 1st Open Combine Nantes Read more
Reference only: Bred by Leen Boers owned by us. An original from 1982. G.G.Sire of Read more
Sirenas Double
Reference only: Bred by Leen Boers owned by us. An original from 1981. Half sister Read more
Reference only: Bred by Leen Boers owned by us. An original from 1981. Super Breeder Read more
Boradchalk Mirage
Reference only: Bred by Leen Boers owned by us. He is a full brother to Read more
Dot Head
Reference only: Bred and raced by us. One of the best pigeons we have ever Read more
DV Cock
Reference only: This cock was bought in for the 2007 breeding season. He is a Read more
Reference only: Bred by Leen Boers. G.Sire of "Sonic Blue" winner of 1st Section 1,897 Read more
Pete's Pride
Reference only: Winner of 1st Open BICC National Falaise 140+miles 2,745 birds, 2nd Club 19th Fed Read more
King on the Wing
Reference only: Bred from Tumley Lofts Stud pigeons. Winner of 1st Club 2nd Fed 2,731 Read more
Fez's Boy Ultimate Pair Cock
Reference only: He's one half of the "Ultimate Pair" the hen is Ruby-Leigh's Girl, they've Read more
Luxford Lady
In 2009 she flew Messac 3 times and Bergerac 438 miles having only 5 races Read more
Fuller's Fancy
Reference only: Winner of 1st Arbroth 350 miles 36th Essex & Kent Combine, 5th Club Read more
Reference only: 2x1st Combine and 2nd Combine winner (beaten by loft mate, landed on the Read more
Winner of 2nd Combine as a young bird and 1st Combine as a yearling Dam Read more
Winner of 1st Federation. Dam of 5th Club 415 birds 7th Sec F 50 members Read more
Only raced as a young bird and won 1st Hullavington. Dam of 1st Section 18th Read more
Minskip Leen Boers hen
Ref only: Mother of 1st Blackpool Amalgamation 971 birds, 1st Blackpool Amalgamation 1,117 birds, before Read more
Mother Young Morstyle
Top stock hen. Super breeder responsible for many winners. She is the mother of Young Read more
Sire of the Wizard
Top stock cock. Responsible for many winners over the years including being the sire of Read more
Sister to Dot Head
Full sister to Dot Head BUT in her own right a super breeder of generations of Read more
Continental Winner
Reference only: He won 1st Continental Lamballe 172 miles 1995 and 1996 winning by 41 Read more
Reference only: Winner of many prizes including 1st and 3rd Federation, he was bred and Read more
Fieldhead Charter Lad
Reference only: He is a winner of 1st Didcot, 1st Fareham, 2 x 1st Wallingford, Read more
Reference only: Bred and raced by Leen Boers. He won 1st Club 2nd Area St. Read more
Joseph 2
Reference only: A top stock cock. Bred from the best of the Leen Boers. He's Read more
Sister Sky Fall
Dam of 1st Club 1st Fed 5th Combine Eastbourne 156 miles, 3rd Club 9th Fed 19th Read more