21B6171 Blue chq Hen. Seren Aarden. Long distance 400+ miles


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Inbred daughter of Tom Solo being a father and daughter pairing with him being paired to Serene. Both being to breeders of national performance pigeons.

Half sister to Le Mans.

Tom Solo sire of 2nd GGDC 4th Section 9th Open National BICC St Vincent 555 miles, 28th Section 46th Open National BICC Poitiers 389 miles, 4th GGDC 9th Section 75th Open National BICC Agen 539 miles, 3rd GGDC 12th Section 86th Open National BICC Agen, 4th GGDC 13th Section 90th Open National BICC Agen, 5th GGDC 15th Section 88th Open National BICC Agen and many more! He is a half brother to Champion Seren Eleven 1st Open National Bergerac 506 miles (won as a 2 year old!) 2nd National Bergerac 1st Sec 3rd Nat Saintes 431 miles, 6th Open Nat Messac 279 miles. Sire of 8th Open National and grandsire of 4 x 1st Open National winners.

Serene dam of 3rd GGDC 13th Section 24th Open National BICC Poitiers 389 miles, 7th GGDC 55th Section 65th Open National BICC Cholet 329 miles, 61st Section 86th Open National BICC Cholet 329 miles and more. Daughter of a full sister to Champion Seren Eleven.

Fantastic channel performances throughout this pedigree through to Barcelona 743 miles.


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Seren Aarden