2022 D&D McFadden young bird kit




After purchasing D&D McFaddens principle hen Pau Princess 2nd Open INTERNATIONAL Pau and mother of Queen Mary 1st Open National Tarbes 2019 we decided to also purchase her direct daughter Princess Mary, grandson Duke being a son of Snow Duke 14th Open National Tarbes and grandson Earl Grey scored from Tarbes 3 times in a row. We are now able to offer for the first time in 2021 a racing kit of these outstanding performance pigeons. This kit will consist of grandchildren of Pau Princess, direct children of Princess Mary, Duke, Earl Grey, where available, as well as grandchildren of these principle birds.

In 2020 Duke and Earl Grey have both been paired to Daughter Legacy G.Dam of 2nd Section 6th Open National BICC from Pau International flying 545 miles 2020. Pau Princess was paired to Champion Seren Eleven and Earl Grey. This is the quality of our stock that you will see in the breeding in this kit of pigeons bred especially to cross the English channel and win from the long distance.

To order a kit of 6 D&D McFadden young birds, select from the drop down list when you would like them, 1st round will be ready at the end of January, 2nd round will be ready early March and 3rd round will be ready in the first half of April.

These are all supplied with a transfer and full 3 generation pedigrees like you see across our site.

If you would like to leave a deposit rather than paying the full amount up front, at the checkout type the word “deposit” into the coupon box and click apply.


Why not add a high quality 6 bird crate to your order and have your pigeons travel in style, normal price £25, offer price £23, so you also save on the delivery charge of buying a new crate on its own making a total saving of £11. See images, what you see is what you get, grill included.

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