2025 D&D McFadden young bird kit



We house the best stud of D&D McFaddens in the WORLD.
In 2019 we bought the best from the auction namely Pau Princess 2nd Open INTERNATIONAL Pau and dam of the famous Queen Mary 1st Open National Tarbes 2019.
2019 wasn’t the best year to introduce a channel family, what with COVID lockdowns and then all the issues around flying the channel, this family hasn’t really been able to be tested at the distance they favour but they are now primed, with people getting to grips with the requirements for channel racing this family is perfectly placed. With inland results coming through including 3rd Shropshire OLR 2023 this middle to long distance family would be a great introduction.
We have, at stock, 9 children of Pau Princess, 7 children of Queen Mary as well as children of the famous brothers Snow Prince, Snow Duke and Dark Prince, plus a great selection of the other principal McFadden birds, what you have to remember, if you don’t know about this family, is that all these birds have won at National level Tarbes/Pau well over 500 miles.

Also at stock are Princess Mary, Duke and Earl Grey who scored from Tarbes 3 times in a row, to name a few. Yoy can research this family and our others on the Stock Pigeons page

This kit will consist of grandchildren of Pau Princess, direct children of Princess Mary, and Duke where available, as well as grandchildren of the principle birds.

To order a kit of 6 D&D McFadden young birds, select from the drop down list when you would like them, 1st round will be ready at the end of January, 2nd round will be ready early March and 3rd round will be ready in the first half of April.

These are all supplied with a transfer and full 3 generation pedigrees like you see across our site.

If you would like to leave a deposit rather than paying the full amount up front, at the checkout type the word “deposit” into the coupon box and click apply.

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