2025 SEREN Aarden young bird kit



Our Seren Aardens are all bred around CHAMPION SEREN ELEVEN we have 3 full brothers to him, 2 half brothers and a half sister. The others are either direct children of CHAMPION SEREN ELEVEN or nieces and nephews of him. All have, in their own right, performed to the highest level on the road or in the stock loft, so you are assured of getting children and/or brothers and sister to top National winners. These are some of the best long distance birds in the UK, we believe you won’t find better. The montage is of some of our main stock birds but we have many other gems alongside these.

To order a kit of 6 SEREN Aarden young birds. Select from the drop down list when you would like them, 1st round will be ready at the end of January, 2nd round will be ready early March and 3rd round will be ready in the first half of April.

These are all supplied with a transfer and full 3 generation pedigrees like you see across our site.

If you would like to leave a deposit rather than paying the full amount up front, at the checkout type the word “deposit” into the coupon box and click apply.

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