Super Breeder – Countrywide – pigeon feed corn


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We no longer stock the Super Breeder from Countrywide as we have found that the Ponderosa Special Breeder is a far superior breeding mix. They waste less and it is a better mix for less than 50p per bag price difference.


Countrywide Super Breeder pigeon feed corn contains:

French Roundberry Maize, White/Yellow Peas, Wheat, Maple Peas, Old Crop Tic Beans, Tares, White Dari, Red Dari, Blue/Green Peas, Safflower

Oil = 4.1% Protien = 13.8% Fat = 4.56% Starch = 51.3% Sugar = 2.2% Metabolisable Energy = 12.4

22Kg bag

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Weight 22 kg